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Sales leads generated from social media content are 7 times more likely to close than other kinds of leads.1

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Pro Social Media Content
Did you know that for your customers to perceive you as “open for business” on social media, you have to post at least 4-5 times per day with relevant, valuable social media content? Social media has grown beyond selfies and dinner snapshots to become one of the most valuable business marketing tools on earth. Trek Global can maintain and grow your social media content presence, freeing up your time to focus on the growth of your business. We create social media content that is engaging to your customers yet written in the language of social media users. Don’t understand how hashtags work? That’s okay, the Trek Global team will manage your social presence with digitally savvy language while preserving your professional voice.

Get serious about social media content with Trek Global

Growing your brand’s social presence should be easy and affordable.Trek Global’s team of digital marketing experts create social media content that is relevant to your business and engaging for your customers. Our introductory $499 social media content package includes a daily total of 7 posts across the following platforms that are proven to have high ROI for businesses:

  • 3-4 Daily Tweets on Twitter Including 3 Weekly Image Tweets
  • 2 Daily Facebook Posts, Including 3 Weekly Image Posts
  • 2 Daily LinkedIn Updates

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We have solutions to meet the needs of your growing business. Use the form at right to contact a member of the Trek Global team. We’ll discuss the best ways to socially market your growing business.

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