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Why Trek Cloud ERP is the Right Choice for Today’s Organizations

Why Trek Cloud ERP is the Right Choice for Today’s Organizations

Trek Cloud ERP on tablet in warehouseAggressive competition and tightening profit margins means organizations must invest in solutions that address their business needs and provide a clear return on investment. Trek Cloud ERP is designed for the way employees work and interact today, while fulfilling your most important business strategies.

Mobile Business Strategy

Productivity is increased with a mobile ERP business strategy. Today’s workforce is hyper connected across multiple devices, from iPhones and Android devices to tablets, PCs and Mac computers. Trek Cloud ERP gives employees the anywhere, anytime, any device flexibility needed to keep pace with business.

Lower TCO with Cloud ERP

Independent researchers found cloud ERP provides a secure and affordable solution. Participants stated these positive factors influenced their cloud ERP decision:

  • 82% – Lowered Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • 61% – Provided lower up-front costs
  • 56% – Lowered Cost and time involved with upgrades
  • 44% – Easier Implementation
  • 42% – Required limited IT resources

Source: Aberdeen Group. SaaS and Cloud ERP Observations: Is Cloud Right for You?

The sales team can place orders from a client’s office and order data is immediately available in the ERP for fulfillment. Orders from webstores and other channels flow directly to the ERP and to mobile devices held by employees in the warehouse. Managers can monitor processes and make better decisions while away, reducing time-to-decision by 46%.

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Connected & Integrated

Efficiencies are created when a seamless path is established between systems and business partners. Trek Cloud ERP was designed to readily and effectively integrate and communicate with other systems, including POS systems, webstores, customized software, and other applications. Web EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) functionality allows you to take advantage of EDI’s benefits by automating communication with business partners.

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Trek Cloud ERP is a global-ready, integrated, secure, and comprehensive web-based solution that supports complex business organizations and structures, providing the functionality required to grow your business. Scalable transactional database architecture provides performance driven, on-demand real-time access while allowing configurable workflows, user windows, business rules and reporting tools.

Trek Cloud provides financial visibility across multiple locations for improved demand forecasting, efficient purchasing, on-time shipping and improved customer service.

Highly Experienced Implementation Team

A dedicated and experienced project team is assigned to ensure a smooth, timely and successful implementation.

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Superior Technical Support

Trek Global’s customer support is known for setting the bar in the industry. Robust support plans ensure Trek Cloud’s ubiquitous availability to users, staff and management. Trek Global also offers a variety of other consulting services that help you align your technology to your business strategies and get the most from your systems.

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Technology Fit

Trek Cloud is a mature, user-centric application with a proven record. Its 100% web-based architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure framework, and high throughput design are targeted to handle high transaction loads while maintaining system responsiveness.

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Reduced IT Spend

No special hardware or additional software is required, lowering the infrastructure and maintenance investment. Users simply log in and utilize Trek Cloud ERP from any web browser. Ongoing system upgrades and maintenance occur seamlessly along with regular secure back-ups of data.

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Ease of Investment

The importance of your business solution’s ROI is why flexible solution investment options are offered to fit your business. Flexible pricing options are available to help move the ERP investment from a capital to an operational expense.

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Sustainable Partnership

Trek Global is a respected name with over 20 years in the ERP industry. Leveraging its experience and expertise, the company offers an expanding portfolio of Enterprise Resource Planning, Resource Management, and Information Solution tools.

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