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Trek Cloud ERP solutions in WarehouseGain access to affordable, comprehensive and configurable cloud ERP software with distribution, manufacturing and financial management solutions to run your business. With Trek Cloud ERP, you are able to meet increasing demands for faster responses, more standardized procedures and better fulfillment rates. Growing organizations utilize Trek Cloud to improve and transform their operations.

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Key Benefits of Trek Cloud ERP

  • Automate and connect processes across all your organizations, locations and warehouses. Data flows between the Trek Cloud ERP solutions and throughout the entire order-to-cash cycle.
  • Gain global-ready software for your complex business structures. Trek Cloud ERP supports multiple organizations, currencies, taxes, accounting schemas and languages.
  • Make better, faster decisions with real-time dashboards and reports.
  • Align Trek Cloud ERP to your unique business requirements with configurable workflows, approval processes, rules, reporting tools and user windows.

Trek Cloud ERP’s scalable transactional database architecture provides fast, on-demand and real-time access from wherever you are, whether it’s on the shop floor or in the boardroom.

Your subscription to Trek Cloud ERP includes a complete package of solutions to meet your business requirements. Below are some of the more commonly asked about capabilities our solutions provide.

Global ERP Features

“72% of companies say that being able to standardize their key business processes across their locations is an important success factor.”
APQC. ERP Consolidation: The Rationale is Growing Stronger

Business expansion often involves growing into new warehouses, creating new divisions and integrating business acquisitions, often across multiple states and countries. Trek Cloud’s multiple organization and multiple warehouse management design gives you the ability to manage the growth of your company in the ERP without having to add plug-ins or separate modules.

Features include:

  • Multiple organizations within a single tenant for managing acquisitions with separate accounting requirements
  • Multiple warehouses within each organization with configurable defaults per warehouse, including product availability, purchasing and sales price lists and inventory movement rules
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Role access control for setting User permissions to organizations within a tenant
  • Executive visibility and reporting across all organizations

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Inventory Management

Manage Inventory for Increased Profitability

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Effective management of your inventory is crucial to controlling costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Trek Cloud ERP solutions include robust Inventory Management capabilities, so that you will always have an accurate view of the status, value and location of your material goods. You’ll be able to gain control over your inventory and avoid product overstocks and outages.

Manage your products, price lists, material moves and counts both to and from vendors and customers across your company and all of its organizations. Capabilities include:

  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Automated Price Lists
  • Bills of Material
  • Track Material Movements with Bin and Batch locators
  • Reserve Inventory
  • Lot Management
  • Multiple Costing Methods, including FIFO/LIFO

With Inventory Management, you will be able to reduce operational costs by effectively managing stock levels, reorder points and shipping processes.

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Product Data Management

Trek Cloud ERP’s Product Data Management provides a powerful solution to manage what you sell, whether you sell items, services or resources. The solution offers fully integrated organizational tools, such as Product Categories and Price Lists, that allow you to apply universal defaults and simplify data entry and updates. Detailed costing auditability, with support for Standard cost and a variety of calculated cost methods, gives you insight and control over product costs.

Product Data management also integrates Product Attributes functionality with Parts and BOM management and Production, in order to give you comprehensive control and real-time insight to all of your products. You receive optimized tracking of product versions and Bill of Materials.

Other features of Product Data Management include:

  • Products on Multiple Price Lists
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Extensive Product Data Fields and Custom Fields
  • Expiration Dating
  • Promotions and Sales Pricing

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Complex Order Management

Increase Sales Order Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

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Trek Cloud ERP’s Order Management starts with an intelligent Sales Order that auto-populates with detailed customer and price list information, and that can be easily configured to manage Sales Quotes, POS Orders, Prepaid Orders and Web Orders. From the Sales Order multiple aspects of the Order Management process are triggered automatically.

The solution provides several choices for generating customer invoices:

  • Immediately after each shipment
  • When the order is completely shipped
  • According to a schedule determined by you

Scheduled invoice runs are highly configurable by customer and by date range. You can drive the type of order, invoicing rules and other details per customer.

Other capabilities of the solution include:

  • Multiple Billing and Shipping Locations
  • Customer Return Management
  • RMAs
  • Credit Memos
  • Approval Workflows
  • Order Importing
  • High Volume Order Processing
  • Cycle Counts
  • Integrates with Payment Processors (Credit Cards, PayPal)

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Supply Chain

“63% of companies rate supply chain visibility as a high priority.”Aberdeen Group, “Supply Chain Visibility: A Critical Strategy to Optimize Cost and Service”

Increase the efficiency of managing your goods and services from vendor to customer with our Supply Chain management solution. From Requisition to Inventory Management, we offer a complete Supply Chain workflow that is tightly integrated with Material Management. With the Supply Chain solution, you can:

  • Create automated digital approval processes to increase efficiency and control costs.
  • Automatically create purchase orders based on defined min-max levels to simplify your purchasing process.

Additionally, Trek Cloud ERP solutions come with integrated financial accounting that provides a complete purchasing audit trail. Other capabilities of Supply Chain include:

  • Distribution Planning
  • Procurement
  • Stock Levels and Seasonal Stock
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Replenishment Rules
  • Vendor Management
  • Production Planning
  • Pricing and Price History
  • Duty

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The Manufacturing solution helps you to streamline the management of production and kit assembly. Product entry into a single Production window allows distributors and manufacturers a simplified production process by automatically issuing material quantities and other process transactions related to a finished good.

Improve your processes with our manufacturing functionality:

  • Streamline paperwork and reduce delivery times with options for automatic or manual creation of production records and workflows
  • Get real-time views into stock levels and production plans
  • Create assembly processes to increase efficiency
  • Use multilevel kits to save time and reduce duplication of efforts: include kits as components of other kits
  • Simplify new kit creation by copying similar kits to new kits and changing components as needed
  • Create multiple versions of kits to satisfy your different customers’ needs
  • Our solution also addresses the needs for Lot Management, Barcode Printing and Multi-Level BOMs

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Shipping and Fulfillment

Solve Your Fulfillment Challenges

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From quote to order processing to fulfillment, Trek Cloud ERP provides seamless business processes that reduce fulfillment errors.

Streamline and automate your common time-consuming Shipping and Fulfillment tasks:

  • Generate Shipments automatically upon the completion of the Sales Order, or choose to trigger the Shipment process based on inventory availability in a scheduled Inventory Wave Plan
  • Eliminate manual re-entry and order processing errors. Shipping documents, including pick tickets and shipping labels, auto-populate with Sales Order information, reducing redundant data entry
  • Workflows are configurable to create the desired level of approvals prior to completing shipments and generating invoices

Your streamlined processes will result in faster order fulfillment and increased customer satisfaction.

Gain visibility into your operational efficiency with Trek Cloud ERP’s powerful reporting functionality. Set up your custom dashboard views or pull reports for real-time data analysis of your shipping and fulfillment performance.

Other capabilities of Shipping and Fulfillment include:

  • Consolidate Shipments
  • Zone/Wave Planning
  • Pick Tickets and Packing Slips
  • Shipping Confirmations
  • Interfaces with UPS and FedEx
  • Link Return to Shipment
  • Product Search
  • Receiving and Transfers
  • Bins/Zones/Locators
  • Billing

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Global Financials

Streamline your processes and save work with accurate financials driven directly from business documents. Global Financials provides immediate insight to the state of business with flexible financial reporting. You also retain all your data in one place, with no data re-entry for sales, materials, or financials. Capabilities include:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Budgeting
  • Define multiple currencies and conversion rates
  • Accommodates multiple tax schedules for local taxes; integrates with tax processors
  • Provides automated management of revenue recognition
  • Pre-configured reports, including Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements
  • Project Accounting
  • Calendar and Non-Calendar Accounting Periods
  • Integrates with all the major payment processors for credit card processing
  • Allows inter-entity transactions and reporting, so there is no duplication of transactions between your different entities. Books balance because transactions show up in each entity it relates to

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Financial Report Wizard and Dashboard Reporting Tools

Trek Cloud ERP solutions provide executives with accurate, real-time views into financial, sales and inventory data. Dashboard reporting tools are User configurable for viewing at-the-moment KPIs, while the Trek Cloud integrated Reporting Wizard give users the ability to create customized reports. Users are also provided with default report templates as well as quick-reporting options from transaction windows.

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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Benefits of combining ERP and EDI:

  • Reduce hours from order taking to shipment by 53%
  • Make decisions 10% faster
  • Increase complete, on-time deliveries by 4%
  • Improve inventory accuracy by 3%
  • Increase schedule compliance by 2%

Aberdeen Group, “Electronic Data Interchange Enables Efficiency and Visibility”

EDI streamlines transactions between business partners by adhering to standard protocols for exchanging “paperless” documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping documents and order confirmations. 85% of all electronic business transactions are handled using EDI, making EDI an increasingly valuable tool to pair with ERP.1

Trek Cloud ERP offers on-board Web EDI functionality that allows you to take advantage of EDI’s benefits without having to invest in a separate integration, or purchase as an additional module.

Trek Cloud EDI features and solutions include:

  • EDI access directly from document windows — no need to navigate to a separate gateway, browser tab or window
  • An included bundle of EDI document types
  • ANSI ASC X12 document standards and translation into .xml
  • User documentation for configuration and use
  • An experienced development and support team for EDI document mapping services
  • Additional support for user training

1EDIBASICS (2014),

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Setup Wizard

A unique feature of Trek Cloud ERP is the extensive Setup Wizard steps for guiding and training users on initial system set-up, configuration and use. The Setup Wizard is an included feature in Trek Cloud.

Features of the Setup Wizard:

  • An end-to-end system configuration overview designed to provide you with a self-configuration and set-up option
  • Setup Task assignment and tracking tools for project teams to monitor set-up progress
  • Detailed descriptions of system functionality for user training and reference

Supplementing the Setup Wizard are Tool Tips which provide field definitions on windows, as well as Helpful Hints that walk you through the steps for filling out transactional documents and using system features. The Tips and Help features can be expanded or collapsed based on user preference.

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Import Wizard

Data migration is challenging. We’ve made the process less risky and more user intuitive with an Import Wizard that comes with your subscription to Trek Cloud ERP solutions. Whether you are opting to have your internal project team spearhead the initial data importing, or you need the ability to run period batch data updates, the Import Wizards provide templates and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a data load and import it into your transactional tables.

Features include:

  • Import templates for data mapping
  • Context driven instructions on when and how to prepare your data loads
  • Step-by-step instructions on importing data to a Staging table for accuracy checks
  • Troubleshooting tips

Not sure that you want to tackle data imports? No problem! Our experienced Support team is here to help you with safely and securely migrating your data.

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