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If you are getting your new distribution or light manufacturing company up and running, you know that you have unique business processes that can’t be managed with accounting software alone. It may seem early in the game to consider ERP, but research indicates that companies who implemented a SaaS ERP saw a 21% improvement in their profit margins over 2 years. Why not start improving your revenues right now by choosing business software that is designed to optimize your business model?

Trek Cloud ERP offers solutions specific to distributors and light manufacturers from start-up to $100M or more:

  • An inclusive feature set and configuration options that keep step with your changing business needs
  • Simplified system on-boarding and user training
  • Affordable up-front pricing

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Get procurement to fulfillment automation in one solution.

“(Companies had a) 21% improvement in profit margins over 2 years as a result of implementing SaaS ERP.”Aberdeen Group (2014), “SaaS ERP in Wholesale and Distribution: Enabling Communication Across a Wide Network”

Trek Cloud’s feature set provides functionality that today’s distribution and light manufacturing companies need, including:

  • Inventory Management
  • Multiple Organization and Warehouse Management
  • Shipping Integrations
  • On-board EDI

Trek Cloud’s configuration options allows companies to access any and all the features they need without being charged for additional modules. In addition, regular software updates and maintenance ensure that Trek Cloud will keep step with your growing business, from start-up to $100 M and beyond.

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Start using your ERP as soon as possible.

An average ERP implementation can take a minimum of six to nine months. Trek Cloud has been designed to help companies get online as quickly as possible. In addition to a qualified Implementation and Support team, we also offer a Low Touch Launch option that includes a detailed Setup Wizard as well as an Import Wizard and data importing templates.

Trek Cloud’s user interface offers intuitive navigation and document creation, as well as thousands of field descriptions, document hints, and step-by-step instructions for completing transactions and making system configurations. Wizards, Hints and Tips are available directly from the application and included in all pricing models.

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Start up with an affordable, mature business solution that will grow with you.

You have a great business that you anticipate will grow rapidly. You need a software solution that is not only the right fit for you today, but can support your growth for a long time to come. To support this need, we offer a special package for start-up companies looking for their first system. For a reasonable, one-time fee, we include intensive user training and data setup. System pricing is based on a monthly fee that includes unlimited users and access to all of Trek Cloud’s features. Please contact us today to see if your company qualifies.

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