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SEO Services – Search Engine Optimization

Trek Global's SEO ServicesGet Found Locally and Globally with Trek Global’s SEO Services

Would you like to expand your brand presence, increase the likelihood of being found through popular search engines and bring targeted web traffic directly to your website? At Trek Global, we offer an innovative approach to local and national search engine optimization. Backed with years of internet marketing experience, our Trek Global SEO team will revitalize your web presence and turn your website into a revenue-generating machine. Trek Global SEO is not a cookie-cutter method, we are local and work closely with you to ensure that your SEO is customized to reach your customers in the most efficient methods possible.

SEO Audit by Trek Global

SEO Audit

Trek Global’s SEO Audit consists of one-on-one interactions in which we identify opportunities for improvement as well as isolate problems that are inhibiting your web success. The staff at Trek Global examines on-page and off-page web elements and perform competitive research to determine areas in which your organization can gain a competitive edge. All of this research will be compiled into a comprehensive SEO report with actionable SEO recommendations that will have a positive and direct effect on your overall web presence.

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SEO Strategy and Consulting - by Trek Global

SEO Strategy and Consultancy

Would you like an actionable SEO plan that can produce measurable results? With the Trek Global SEO Strategy package, we work directly with you to determine the best approach to maximize site visibility. Based on extensive research, website analysis, and industry trends performed in our site audit service, one of our Trek Global SEO consultants will work one-on-one with you to  develop an actionable SEO strategy with step-by-step recommendations to ensure local and national SEO success.

In addition to working closely with your organization on SEO strategy, our Trek Global SEO consultants can directly implement these SEO recommendations for you. This is truly a full service SEO approach with the added benefit of working with a local company that has direct experience in developing search engine visibility for our local customers.

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SEO Keyword Research by Trek Global

Keyword Research

In the complex world of SEO, keywords are the linchpin to a successful campaign. There are Broad Match Keywords, Long Tail Keywords, and what we like to call “Money Keywords”. Broad Match Keywords can attract browsers worldwide while Long Tail Keywords are utilized in highly targeted searches. With Trek Global SEO, we extensively research industry keywords and even identify which keywords your competition is utilizing successfully.  All of this work results in highly targeted Broad Match Keywords and Long Tail Keywords that will make your website show up to your ideal customer. The keywords that are identified are “Money Keywords” and with in-depth keyword research through Trek Global SEO services, we can target those “Money Keywords” to aid in search engine page ranking and direct the highest conversion rate customers to your site.

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SEO Link Building Strategy by Trek Global

Link Building Strategy

Search engines utilize bots to look throughout the world wide web and identify links to your site that are present on other websites. These links are called backlinks, and google puts a high priority on an organization’s backlinks when determining the value of a site. The key to these links is quality over quantity. Trek Global is fortunate to have connections worldwide who allow us to develop a link-building strategy specific to your particular line of business. Our Trek Global SEO Consultants will meet with you personally, strategize on the best link-building approach and create actionable steps to increase overall link reach. With great reach comes great page ranking opportunities!

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Local SEO - by Trek Global

Local SEO

The key to getting found in the modern age is through internet search. Trek Global’s Local SEO service gets your business listed in all of the major search engines and brings the customers to you. The key to this process is an optimized google listing. Our Trek Global Local SEO specialists analyze your current Local SEO positioning, verify data, and make positioning improvements so your business shows up in local search results. Beyond getting listed on Google and Bing maps and other map listings, there is an added side benefit. Local SEO greatly optimizes local reach and both Google and Bing put great value in Local SEO when determining search engine results page ranking. If your business obtains customers locally, contact us and ask about the Trek Global Local SEO service.

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Content Development by Trek Global

Content Development

Having a search engine optimized website is an extremely important component of the SEO puzzle, but producing valuable content  is the corner piece that completes the puzzle. Producing content is the best way to engage with your potential customers. Through Trek Global’s Content Development service, we will work with you to develop SEO-optimized content that is truly engaging to your target customer. Our team is dedicated to developing content with a focus on educating your audience, expressing your company’s story, and ultimately having customers clicking through to your website to learn more. Having a  fully SEO-optimized website, strong link presence, high quality content and a partner who specializes in fulfilling your SEO needs is what we like to call “SEO Gold”!

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Adwords Bing Ads Service by Trek Global

Adwords/Bing Ads Services

Are you looking to be the first company that shows up when your customers search for a product or service? If so, our Trek Global SEO Consultants specialize in Google Adwords and Bing Ads Campaigns. We will work closely with you to do in-depth keyword research and optimize your Adwords/Bing Ads marketing spend to obtain the greatest reach and provide a measurable ROI. Whether you are looking to reach local customers, national customers, or even international customers, Trek Global’s Adwords and Bing Ads experts are here for you.

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