Is your current software helping or hurting you?

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If you are a growing business, you are probably facing one or more of these challenges: a game-changing business opportunity with a significant customer or vendor that requires you to have the most current connectivity technology, managing expansion into new locations, warehouses, and regions, or integrating a newly acquired organization with your parent company. Some questions to ask about your current software’s capabilities are:

  • Does my software include EDI capability?
  • Does my software include multiple organization, warehouse, location and currency management?
  • Does my software include detailed documentation for faster, more effective user training and easier configuration?

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Trek Cloud ERP makes it possible for you to connect with your partners, right now.

“85% of all electronic business transactions take place using EDI.”EDIBasics, 2014

It is increasingly common for big-box customers and vendors to require their distribution and reselling partners to transact via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Because EDI capability is so integral to the supply chain needs of a distribution company, Trek Cloud ERP includes on-board, on-screen EDI as a standard feature. No extra software, no additional integrations, and no separate license fees are required.

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Trek Cloud helps you improve your multi-environment decision making and management capability, right now.

“60% of companies that didn’t have an ERP to manage their multi-environment said it hurt their business by making it hard to access high-quality data fast enough to effectively support decision making.”APQC (2014). ERP Consolidation: The Rationale is Growing Stronger

Accurate data visibility is critical to forecasting demand, efficient purchasing, on-time shipping, and successfully meeting customer expectations. Achieving financial visibility across multiple physical locations while managing multiple currencies and even multiple sets of financial records is extremely difficult, if not impossible, without the right software. Trek Cloud ERP includes multi-environment capability that is ready and easy to use. Also included are reporting customization tools and default reports that allow you to build the reports you need to see, when you need to see them.

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Learn more about Trek Cloud’s Financial Report Wizard and Dashboard Reporting tools

Trek Cloud ERP provides extensive in-application user helps, tips and configuration wizards to get you up and running, right now.

When you need to adopt new software to address your growing business needs, you don’t have time for lengthy implementations or user training curves. Trek Cloud has been designed to minimize the amount of time it takes to get your business implemented and live. Besides an experienced Implementation and Support team, our on-boarding features include:

  • Step-by-step Setup Wizards to help guide you through and train you on system functionality and configuration
  • Step-by-step Import Wizards and templates for optional user controlled data importing and batch record updates
  • Detailed Hints to help users create transactional documents and run processes
  • Extensive Tips to help users understand field uses and definitions

In-application wizards and documentation are included with Trek Cloud. There are no separate modules or software packages to purchase or install.

Learn more about Trek Cloud’s Setup Wizards, User Tips and Hints

Learn more about Trek Cloud’s Import Wizards

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