Is your business ready for an upgraded ERP?

Ready to Upgrade to a Modern Cloud ERP?

Some indicators that it’s time to consider SaaS ERP:

  • You are currently running on-premise legacy software that is becoming increasingly expensive and time consuming to update, manage and patch
  • You would like to reduce the expenditure of maintaining and upgrading on-premise hardware
  • You are using multiple software applications to run your business, resulting in redundant data entry, higher risk of inaccurate data and lack of accurate visibility into your day-to-day operations

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Improve operational performance with an integrated software solution.

“Best-in-class are 82% more likely than all others to be able to complete process flows that span different applications without consciously switching between applications.”Aberdeen Group, “ERP Selection: Finding the Right Fit””

Your business is unique. Your business software should support your professional differentiators, without creating barriers to efficiency. Research indicates that standardizing key business processes results in:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced resource waste
  • Improved cycle times
  • Improved alignment of human capital1

Trek Cloud ERP provides an integrated ERP for distributors with automation where it counts, but without locking you into an “out-of-the-box” solution.

Features include:

  • Integrated EDI
  • Integrated shipping functionality for UPS, FedEx
  • Web services for web stores, including:
    • Credit Card processing
    • PCI Compliance
  • Configurable automation for order management, supply chain, inventory management, shipping and financials
  • Configurable workflows for business process management
  • Organization-specific customizations

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Increase the value of your IT spend with cloud ERP.

“Companies with on-premise ERP saw nearly twice the amount of data loss and security-related downtime as did those on a cloud-based ERP.”Aberdeen Group, “ERP Selection: Finding the Right Fit””

Maintaining and improving on-premise hardware and software is expensive and time consuming. Cloud ERP allows you to put your IT resources to work on higher value strategic projects, instead of on routine maintenance.

According to a 2012 report on why companies chose SaaS over on-premise ERP:

  • 82% said SaaS offered lower TCO
  • 61% said there were lower up-front costs
  • 56% said the cost and effort of upgrades were lower
  • 44% said implementation is easier
  • 42% said they could manage {their ERP} with limited IT resources

In addition, companies with on-premise ERP reported nearly twice the amount of data loss and security related downtime as did those on a cloud-based ERP.2

Leave the maintenance to us. With Trek Cloud you receive:

  • Regular application maintenance and upgrade releases
  • Regular database maintenance and security monitoring
  • Preventative security upgrades and patches
  • Continuous cloud infrastructure improvements to stay current with the latest IT standards and best practices

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2Aberdeen Group (2012). SaaS and Cloud ERP Observations: Is Cloud Right for You?

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