Has your business outgrown QuickBooks?

Outgrown QuickBooks

QuickBooks was a great solution when you started your business, but now that you’ve grown from a small to a midsize business, you may have realized you’ve exceeded the product’s capabilities. You are running into a wall every day with

  • Serious inventory issues that result in dissatisfied customers
  • Business complexities that QuickBooks doesn’t handle
  • Employees struggling to keep up with an ever quickening pace of activity

Companies often realize at this point that they’ve outgrown QuickBooks.  Even worse, every day you delay upgrading your business software means wasted resources and increased business risks in the form of lost customers, an unmanageable workload and unhappy employees.

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Gain instant and accurate visibility into stock levels with Trek Cloud ERP

Companies with ERP are able to improve inventory turns by 40% and reduce inventory by 10%.
Aberdeen Group report, “To ERP or Not to ERP in the Midmarket: Simplifying an Important Decision”

Trek Cloud’s robust integrated Inventory Management will give your executives and users immediate insight at all times to exact inventory levels. This visibility will reduce costs by allowing you to limit overstock and reduce or eliminate expensive unplanned purchasing.

Having the right amount of stock on hand at the right time will also increase customer satisfaction through better sales response times. Additionally, using one integrated system eliminates multiple points of data entry, reducing labor costs and data entry errors.

Learn more about Trek Cloud’s Inventory Management capabilities

Grow seamlessly with Trek Cloud’s multi-organization and multi-warehouse functionality

60% of companies that didn’t have an ERP to manage their multi-environment said it hurt their business by making it hard to access high-quality data fast enough to effectively support decision making.
APQC, “ERP Consolidation: The Rationale is Growing Stronger”, 2014

Trek Cloud’s multi-organization and multi-warehouse capabilities allow you to seamlessly grow your business and warehouse locations without disrupting your employees, your business partners, and your customers.

Multi-organization capability allows you to easily create new divisions of your company that require separate accounting, inventory, and order management — all within one system. Multiple organizations can be configured to keep data as separate or as shared as you need.

Multiple warehouse management can be configured for one organization, or for multiple organizations. Having the ability to see your entire inventory across multiple physical locations reduces your costs in “missing” inventory.

Creating new organizations and new warehouses is easy to do in Trek Cloud, and eliminates the future need to purchase new modules or new software plug-ins.

Learn more about Trek Cloud’s multi-organization and multi-warehouse capability

Simplify your migration with Trek Cloud ERP

Trek Cloud has been designed to take the fear out of system migration by putting the power of migrating in your hands, either through simplified self-service on-boarding and data conversion, or with the help of our qualified Support team.

In-application import templates are provided to guide you through the transition from QuickBooks to Trek Cloud. Detailed documentation inside the application provides step-by-step instructions for data importing.

If you prefer a guided implementation, an experienced in-house implementation team is available to provide as much support as you need, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Learn more about Trek Cloud’s Setup Wizards, User Tips and Hints

Learn more about Trek Cloud’s Import Wizards

Learn more about Trek Cloud’s Implementation Strategy and Support Services

Discover affordability in Trek Cloud, an ERP designed specifically for distribution

As a distribution company transitioning out of QuickBooks, you need distribution-focused functionality in your new system. You don’t need a “dumbed down” manufacturing ERP, and you don’t need a big ERP price tag. Trek Cloud ERP offers integrated procurement-to-fulfillment software that is designed, built and priced specifically for the mid-sized distribution company, not more, not less.

Trek Cloud’s unique pricing options reflect our understanding that you need pricing that allows you to move out of QuickBooks without breaking the bank. Choose between our transaction fee model and our subscription fee model for a price fit that is best for you. In addition, by including powerful configuration and training tools inside the application, we give you more control over your implementation budget.

Trek Cloud did not start out as a big ERP — it was built to fit mid-sized distribution companies. Trek Cloud’s full-suite of distribution-specific functionality is included in the pricing. Use what you need now, without worrying about constant and frequent upgrades to new modules.

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