Open Source ERP: Consulting for Compiere, ADempiere and iDempiere

Open Source ERP

Open source ERP provides a complex and configurable software code base that is available for free download without product or licensing fees. Due to the customizable nature of open source ERP, the solutions are a great choice for companies that need custom software to manage their highly differentiated business processes.

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An open source platform should be among the contenders for organizations in search of customizable ERP applications. iDempiere, ADempiere and Compiere (community edition) are three open source ERP solutions that benefit organizations by providing:

  • An adaptable and highly customizable framework that is targeted to the needs of distribution and manufacturing
  • License-free software
  • An inherently global platform
  • Active open source development and support communities with participants across the globe who are interested in continuing to advance and support the software

While there are clear benefits to open source ERP, it’s important to keep in mind that implementing one of these solutions is not a simple DIY project. Companies investing in open source ERP will need to configure, develop, implement, train, maintain, host and support the solution on their own, or partner with an experienced consultant like Trek Global to obtain help with some or all of those steps.

Trek Global provides the full range of services related to open source ERP, beginning with helping you determine whether one of these solutions is right for you, and all the way through to custom development, training and ongoing support. We can assist you with your on-premise setup or provide hosting services if you are interested in moving your open source ERP to the cloud.

Compiere (Community Edition)

Compiere logoCompiere was released on Sourceforge in 2000 and was the first truly viable open source ERP solution available. It was architected by Jorg Janke, a software developer with a background in Oracle and UNISYS, and the solution’s first user was Goodyear. In 2005, Consona Corporation purchased Compiere and discontinued advancing the community edition. There are, however, many companies that continue to utilize the open source platform.

Compiere’s open source design is very elegant. The application was built with a high level of configurability and flexibility, which allows users of the system a wide range of options for customizing the system to fit their needs purely through system settings. If your business needs help using, configuring or customizing Compiere, our highly capable team would be glad to assist you.


AdempiereWhen ADempiere was created in 2005 as a code fork of the last community version of Compiere, it inherited Compiere’s adaptable architecture that is able to evolve with business. A great example of ADempiere extensibility is the “multi” features that allow for the use of multiple organizations, currencies, and languages. ADempiere is also designed to allow user-configurable processes, reports and views that enhance functionality.

ADempiere has an active open source development community that has made many contributions to the project, including

  • Making the system more extensible
  • Supporting the PostgreSQL database
  • Providing open source libraries

Our team has many years of experience implementing, hosting, supporting and customizing ADempiere for distribution and manufacturing companies.


idempiereiDempiere is a 2012 project fork of ADempiere. Advancements made to iDempiere focus on incorporating new architecture to use technologies like OSGi, Buckminster and ZK. It’s a highly stable, configurable, customizable and extensible platform that we recommend to those who wish to use an open source ERP in the distribution and manufacturing industries.

An active open source community continues to advance iDempiere with the involvement of developers, implementers and end users.

We would be glad to talk with you about any of these open source ERP solutions, or others that are available today, to help you find a best-fit solution.

About Trek Global’s Open Source ERP Background

Members of the Trek Global team have been involved with open source ERP since the time that Compiere was released on SourceForge in 2000. Trek’s CEO, Joel Stangeland, was a primary architect of both the initial ADempiere and early iDempiere projects. He also served for six years on the Board of the ADempiere project and was a primary investor in iDempiere development — to date, the largest single financial and technical supporter of that project. Trek Global continues to provide support and development services to customers using open source platforms, as well as offering Trek Cloud ERP as a fully-supported SaaS alternative.

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