ERP Podcasts - B2C Shipping

How to Manage B2C Shipping with Cloud ERP, Part One

In this episode of our ERP podcasts, we explore new channels and changes in the marketplace that are creating fulfillment challenges for distribution companies, especially those involved in B2C sales. Without a comprehensive ERP, it’s difficult to manage the complex shipping processes. Trek Global CEO Joel Stangeland offers guidance on ERP system features necessary for effective B2C fulfillment.

ERP Podcasts - B2C Shipping, Part 2

How to Manage B2C Shipping with Cloud ERP, Part Two

A comprehensive Cloud ERP is essential for streamlining the shipping process and lowering shipping costs. This is Part Two, following last week’s podcast, How to Manage B2C Shipping with Cloud ERP. This week, CEO Joel Stangeland discusses the shipping challenges that greatly affect the bottom line in B2C shipping. He offers solutions that will improve this process resulting in faster confirmation, delivery, and a higher ROI.

ERP Podcasts - Order Process Streamlining

Streamlining Your Order Process with Cloud ERP

In this episode, Trek Global CEO Joel Stangeland explains how cloud ERP increases order process efficiency and helps sales teams become more effective. Industry examples are used to highlight improvements that have allowed companies to grow their operations.

ERP Podcasts - ISO Certifications

Improving Business Through ISO Certifications with Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP can help you to gain new business opportunities by achieving various ISO certification standards. In this week’s podcast, CEO Joel Stangeland, and Trek Cloud ERP for Distribution representative, Lincoln Wilcox, tackle the difficulties with achieving ISO certification standards while providing helpful solutions and guidance on this process.

ERP Podcasts - EDI Compliance

How to Meet EDI Compliance with Cloud ERP

Implementing EDI allows you to gain simplified access to retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, and even third party logistics companies. In this week’s podcast Trek CEO, Joel Stangeland, and Trek Cloud ERP for Distribution representative, Lincoln Wilcox, discuss the challenges of meeting EDI compliance and offer valuable solutions. Learn how to meet your goals for EDI compliance, increase your sales, and grow your business with cloud ERP.

ERP Podcasts - Inventory

How to Better Forecast Inventory with Cloud ERP

In this week’s podcast, Trek Global’s CEO, Joel Stangeland discusses how a comprehensive cloud ERP can help your company save time and meet adequate inventory levels with a number of solutions and relevant industry examples.

ERP Podcasts - Warehousing

How to Enhance Warehousing with Cloud ERP

Ways to improve fulfillment speed and accuracy while reducing labor costs are explored in this podcast by Trek Global CEO Joel Stangeland. Learn how an integrated cloud ERP solution can help you effectively manage warehousing processes and bring increased customer satisfaction.

ERP Podcasts - Webstores

Why Webstores Should Be Fully Integrated to Your ERP

Without an integrated ERP system, distribution companies with webstores face issues of ineffective inventory management, double data entry, and fulfillment delays, all of which leads to higher labor costs and dissatisfied customers. Solutions and advice are offered by Trek Global CEO Joel Stangeland.