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iDempiere Recognized by InfoWorld as Best Open Source ERP for 2016

Bossie Awards 2016

For the second year in a row, InfoWorld recognized the iDempiere Business Suite with a Bossie Award for being the best Open Source ERP. InfoWorld identified iDempiere as being especially well-suited for larger organizations, most notably those in manufacturing and distribution.

Here at Trek Global, the news was celebrated with Slack messages going around to team members spanning the globe as we passed the news along. The Trek Global team has been deeply involved with iDempiere as its premier sponsors, contributing significant development resources to help advance the solution.

So far, more than 309,000 users have downloaded the iDempiere code base from The solution has a 5-star rating there. Ratings indicate that users scored it high for its ease, features, design and support. Since it is open source software, there is no charge to download it.

The iDempiere system includes a full suite of solutions to run an organization: Financials, Accounting, Procurement, Materials Management, Business Partner Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing and more. The software is intended to provide an organization with the majority of the tools needed to run all its back-end operations. Additional capabilities can be added through customization and integration. In fact, the ability to customize and extend the solution is a key advantage of the software. The code base can be modified in order to achieve the unique capabilities an organization requires.

Internationalization is supported by iDempiere. The software is global-ready, with the ability to address the needs for multiple organizations, currencies, taxes, accounting schemas and languages.

iDempiere has a strong development community supporting its advancement. Involvement in the community comes from developers, systems architects and integrators, as well as end users. While there is a great deal of help available in the community, keep in mind that implementing an Open Source ERP is not a simple DIY project for most organization. ERP by nature is highly complicated software with extensive configuration requirements. You may be wise to plan some funds for consulting, in order to support your team’s needs for the technical aspects of configuration and roll-out.

If you are just beginning to learn about iDempiere, you might take a look at our white paper, Discovering the Value of Open Source ERP. We have also written a few other articles on the topic that you might find interesting:

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