ERP Implementation Services

ERP Implementation Services

ERP implementationProject support is critical for success. When an ERP implementation does not have the right support to guide it, the staff left to manage processes under the new system often deem the project a failure. Problems your company then faces are both technical and human in nature, and include incorrect configurations, misaligned processes and workflows, and untrained staff who are not able to effectively utilize the new technology. Don’t let this happen to you! By choosing Trek Global’s ERP Implementation Services, you will assure your project brings the anticipated return on investment.

An effective implementation requires expertise in the areas of project management, change management and user training, along with technical knowledge to carry out the project. Trek Global offers a full-service guided ERP implementation that can be tailored to a company’s specific requirements. These services help organizations increase the benefits and ROI with their new ERP while minimizing the risks and disruptions that may otherwise occur during transition to new enterprise software. Additionally, our years of experience in distribution and manufacturing means you can rest assured that best practice solutions relevant to your industry will be applied throughout your implementation.

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“Midmarket organizations that have implemented ERP and utilize a service organization are seeing an average 14% reduction in operating costs as a result of ERP compared to 5% for those that are not employing a support organization. This helps to maximize the ROI on ERP investments.”

Source: Aberdeen Group, “A Guide for a Successful ERP Strategy in the Midmarket: Selection, Services, and Integration”

Simplify Your Data Migration

It’s not uncommon for companies with data migration issues to experience scope creep and schedule overages. Trek Global helps you avoid this risk. Our implementers understand the risks involved in data conversion and will walk you through the process to ensure accuracy.

Trek’s database experts lead you through the process of mapping and migrating your data to the new system. We will perform quality assurance to confirm accurate system performance, including audits, data cleansing and mock go-lives.

Reduce Your Risk of Budget Overage

Unanticipated technical requirements can create ERP implementation budget overages for companies. In order to manage your costs, Trek Global’s guided ERP implementation has a specific and defined scope. We will clearly identify fees for services that are outlined in your project plan to help you control your costs. We have also simplified our product pricing. By giving you the entire Trek Cloud ERP feature set, your product costs are affordable and predictable. You won’t need to worry that you’ve missed a module or add-on. Your subscription includes full access to the entire ERP.

ERP Implementation Services by Trek Global

  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • User training and documentation
  • Configuration and custom integrations
  • Quality assurance, testing and system audits
  • Mock go-live
  • Post implementation audit

Maximize Your ROI with Expert Guidance

Our team’s experience in the distribution industry has given us insight as to how product companies can utilize ERP to streamline functions, optimize performance, and minimize costs. We will work with you to identify your desired future state of business and map your business processes and requirements. We then assist in setting up workflows, policies and procedures that solve business problems and lead to operational excellence.

Following go-live, your company will need to verify that new processes have been adopted by users. Our team will provide suggestions for setting and monitoring KPIs so that you can evaluate the success of your new processes. This is also when companies are able to identify their needs for follow-up training. Trek Global’s more complete Post Implementation Audit is recommended to further your success.

Reduce the Impact on Employees and Customers

Trek Global provides you with a well-planned ERP implementation that significantly limits the risk of any major operational disruption. We fully address your needs for change management with planning that walks you through every phase of the process. Our method encourages collaboration, provides project visibility to stakeholders, and leads to effective knowledge transfer.

Evaluate Your Needs

Contact us to discuss your business needs and to learn more about how our ERP Implementation Services can help you succeed.

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