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Trek Cloud HRMS – Manage Human Resources in the Cloud

Manage Human Resources in the Cloud

Cloud HRMS on ipadReady to improve recruiting, retention and engagement? Need to better organize, streamline and follow best practices? Achieve your HR goals with Trek Cloud HRMS, a secure, web-based solution powered by OrangeHRM, the world’s most popular HR system used by over 3 million people around the globe.

Trek provides configuration, custom development and integration for the HRMS, includes a payroll plugin, and hosts the system securely over the web with Amazon Web Services EC2, which delivers the safest and most reliable cloud enterprise infrastructure in existence. We then help you get up and running quickly with our guided implementation and training services.


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Features of Trek Cloud HRMS

Trek packages OrangeHRM, the payroll plugin and other requested features, provides any needed integrations, and configures the system to meet your goals. Feature-rich capabilities of the cloud HRMS system include:


  • Automate your recruitment workflow.
  • Create and publish vacancies.
  • Connect with your company website Careers page. The software also integrates with social media so you can post your job openings on all the popular channels.
  • Connect to thousands of job boards worldwide to get in front of the right applicants.
  • Create application forms and screening questions.
  • Conduct automated interviews with question prompting and scoring assistance.
  • Get decision support using personality insights and predictive analytics.

Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Follow your organization’s policies and procedures while keeping close track of your onboarding and offboarding paperwork and processes.
  • Perform new hires and terminations individually or in batches.
  • Assign task owners for better tracking and accountability. Then schedule reminders to be sent out to them.

Personnel Information Management

  • Keep track of employee details in a comprehensive employee database containing profiles and detailed position and salary history.
  • Create custom employee reports.

Time and Attendance Management

  • Create your organization’s unique timesheets and attendance reports.
  • Employees can record their clock in and out.
  • Employees can submit their timesheets for approval.
  • The software integrates with popular Biometric attendance systems and devices.

Leave Management

  • Identify your organization’s rules for leave and PTO, including leave restrictions, accrual types and carry forward.
  • Manage leave types for different countries and locations.
  • Automate PTO accrual increases based on hire and promotion anniversary dates.


  • Define multiple wage and salary structures and templates.
  • Calculate wages based on attendance.
  • Automate the payroll based on your pay schedule.
  • Provide employees with login access to their paystubs.
  • Get full management of custom fields, organizational data, templates and more.
  • Generate payroll reports.


  • Create competencies that are assigned to positions, departments or individuals.
  • Set up goals and objectives that are assigned to individuals, groups or all employees.
  • Add custom questions to reviews.
  • Conduct 360 degree employee reviews.
  • Include multiple reviewers and a main evaluator who makes final decisions.


  • Create and track training sessions, courses and packages.
  • Track employee attendance and results.
  • Capture employees’ ratings of training sessions.
  • Run final reports showing the courses, session dates, attendees, ratings and more.

Document Manager

  • Create templates for standard HR documents.
  • Utilize field names and employee images in templates.
  • Output your documents as PDFs and associate to other records.

Disciplinary Tracking

  • Disciplinary cases can be created by a supervisor or admin.
  • Use templates to generate disciplinary documents.
  • Record actions and track history.

Many More HR Management Tools

  • Stay on top of pending tasks with reminders on your home page dashboard.
  • Find employee information using a corporate directory.
  • Manage and access company policies.
  • Provide employee self-service to certain features.
  • Integrate the cloud HRMS with your ERP or Accounting software so that you have no data re-entry for budgeting, accounting and financials.

Implementation and Training Services

Successfully launch your new system and get everyone on board by using our implementation and training services. Trek’s guided implementation results in an accurate system setup and configuration, and includes helpful training designed to fit the needs of your HR staff, management team and employees.

Ready for a Modern Cloud HRMS?

We would be glad to provide you with more information, a free demo and quote tailored to your organization’s size. Contact us today to learn more!

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