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Trek Cloud ERP Licensing & Pricing

Trek Cloud ERP Licensing & Pricing

Cloud ERP Licensing - affordable software you can take with youAs a growing company, paying expensive ERP module fees and user licenses up-front is very painful for you. Large up-front fees typically cause companies to buy fewer modules and user licenses than they really need, which in turn leads to inefficiencies in operations. This is why we’ve chosen to do something different with our Trek Cloud ERP licensing and pricing.

Unlimited Users

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Your subscription to Trek Cloud ERP includes an unlimited number of user licenses. We give you complete freedom to add as many users as you need, whenever you need.

All-Inclusive System

Your Trek Cloud ERP licensing includes a fully integrated feature set, so you don’t have to deal with confusing module pricing and concerns over missing functionality.

No Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs

Trek Cloud ERP’s SaaS model lowers the costs of infrastructure and maintenance. There is no special hardware or software you need to buy, as your users will log in to Trek Cloud ERP from their web browsers. We’ll regularly and securely back up all your data. Ongoing maintenance and system upgrades occur seamlessly as part of your cloud ERP licensing with no additional charge to you.

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Cloud ERP Licensing: Two Pricing Options

Our goal in offering subscription pricing is to affordably scale your ERP product costs to your business volume. It depends on your unique business model as to which of these options best suits you:

Option 1: Transactional Usage

A transactional pricing model allows your fees to scale very closely to your actual business volume. With this model, a very small fee is accumulated to your account for each recorded transaction document in your system. Recorded transaction documents include sales orders, invoices, shipments, payments, and production orders. During periods when your business activity and sales increases, you will have higher volumes of transactions in your system and your transaction fees will scale affordably with your sales. During slower periods, you will have lower numbers of recorded transactions and fewer accumulated fees.

Recorded Transactions

Option 2: Percent of Revenue

A company that has higher volumes of low-dollar transactions will benefit more from our Percent of Revenues pricing model. Rather than basing your fees on transactions, we will affordably scale your fees to your gross sales revenues.

Evaluate Your Needs

Contact us to discuss your ERP needs, determine which pricing model would be best for your business and to obtain a quote.

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