Other Services

Other Services

Trek Global's ERP Services - Cloud and DevOpsCloud and DevOps

Every day, more businesses are discovering the advantages of the cloud and making the move. Having access to your systems and data from any device and from wherever you are not only speeds up the flow of business, it increases profitability, allows for better decision-making and leads to more satisfied customers. But moving from an on-premise to a cloud environment can be daunting. That’s why companies rely on Trek Global to get started and to manage their cloud hosting and DevOps. Trek Global enables business agility by helping distribution companies like yours make the transition to the cloud.

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Trek Global's ERP Services - Enterprise ArchitectureEnterprise Architecture

If you’re like most companies, your technology costs have increased as your business has grown. You’re aware that you have software that’s not integrated and some solutions may now be unsupported. Now is a good time to take a comprehensive look at your technology, in order to assess how you can reduce risk and error, streamline processes, become more efficient, and perhaps even replace certain software with solutions that will help you accelerate your success.

Trek Global’s Enterprise Architecture services help you to align your business strategies with the right technologies. We’ll take a holistic approach and review your business goals, strategies, information needs and processes. We will then recommend technology that aligns with your needs. To make your transition less disruptive and more manageable, we’ll create a blueprint that plans for change over multiple years.

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Trek Global's ERP Services - ERP IntegrationsIntegrations

Increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction by securely integrating all your platforms and services. You will also reduce staff time by eliminating data entry into multiple disparate systems. Our systems integrators can provide you with the coding and help you need to connect your business applications.

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Trek Global's ERP Services - Open Source ERPOpen Source

As part of your business strategy, you should consider open source for its ability to tailor very closely to your unique business requirements. There are many popular platforms being utilized by businesses today. While open source products can be downloaded for free, they do require extensive configuration and customization to meet your needs. Trek Global is highly experienced with numerous open source platforms, including Magento, SugarCRM, Compiere, ADempiere, iDempiere and more.

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Trek Global's ERP Services - Support and TrainingSupport and Training

We offer both one-time and ongoing support packages that help your team build their enterprise technology expertise over time, so that they will feel confident and become highly productive using your business software solutions. An ongoing support package includes weekly meetings with an engagement manager who will provide training, review your progress and make recommendations for next steps so that you continue to get the most out of your system.

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Trek Global's ERP Services - ERP ConsultantBusiness Consulting

Our team understands the challenges you face from our decades of experience implementing and supporting business solutions for distribution companies like yours. As your strategies change, our team will help you to assess your technology needs and provide you with recommendations, such as how to optimize configurations so that solutions better align with new business objectives. We will make recommendations based on industry best practices and system capabilities. This service helps you to maintain your competitiveness over time, maximizing the value you receive from your software and resulting in an even greater ROI.

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