iDempiere Implementation Services from an Experienced Team

iDempiere Implementation Services from an Experienced Team

iDempiere implementation - iDempiere logoAs a founder of the iDempiere ERP project and its premier sponsor, Trek Global has deep knowledge and expertise in all aspects of iDempiere implementation services. iDempiere provides essential and comprehensive business functionality to complex organizations, including managing financials and accounting, supply chain, manufacturing and distribution. Recognized with a Bossie Award as the best open source ERP for large organizations, iDempiere is widely utilized by organizations in all major industries across the globe.

Whatever stage of iDempiere implementation you are currently in, we can help you finish your migration. Among successful experiences we have with our clients related to iDempiere services:

  • Helping determine if iDempiere is right for you
  • Performing full iDempiere implementation services
  • Stepping in to help you fix your configuration settings
  • Providing custom development so that you can get the most out of iDempiere
  • Delivering iDempiere training to new users
  • Assisting with on-premise setup or providing secure cloud hosting services with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Contact us to learn more about our iDempiere implementation services. We’d be glad to provide you with a demo of iDempiere and a price quote for the specific services you are interested in.

Our Experienced iDempiere Implementation Team

Members of the Trek Global team have been developing and implementing enterprise solutions for small, midsize and large organizations for more than 20 years. We began with SAP implementations, moved on to open source software, and then developed our own SaaS solution, Trek Cloud ERP. Contributions our team made to the iDempiere open source ERP project include system architecture improvements and significant code enhancements. In addition to ERP implementation services, our team provides numerous other technology services and enterprise solutions, including integrating ERP with other technology like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Point of Sale (POS) solutions, eCommerce webstores, tax management services, payment gateways and much more. We can also provide you with website development, enterprise architecture and cloud hosting services.

About iDempiere ERP

iDempiere, which was developed in 2012, has its roots in two other open source ERP solutions. It evolved from the 2000 release of Compiere and the 2005 Compiere code fork called ADempiere. It’s also important to note that iDempiere comes from a family of software that was originally architected by Jorg Janke, a software developer with a background in Oracle and UNISYS. When Janke architected Compiere, he focused on creating a comprehensive solution that could be utilized in the manufacturing and distribution industries with the first user in mind being Goodyear.

iDempiere is a highly configurable, customizable and extensible platform with high stability. The solution can be utilized in nearly any industry. Advancements made to iDempiere through the project fork incorporate new architecture using technologies like OSGi, Buckminster and ZK.

There is an active open source community helping to advance iDempiere. Involvement in the community comes from developers, systems architects and integrators, as well as end users. Trek Global continues to serve as a sponsor and highly involved partner in iDempiere development.

Get Help with iDempiere

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