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Case Study: High-Volume Distribution

shipping delivery received happy customerA top smartphone case provider in the U.S. and Canada streamlined its business processes and achieved incredible growth utilizing the ERP solutions and support provided by Trek Global.

Customer Goals

O.B. needed an ERP solution to address its unique business and distribution challenges, including providing continuity of business processes across the entire company of hundreds of users and multiple countries, along with the capacity for completing more than one million accounting transactions per month.

Company Background

O.B. is a leading smartphone case provider in the U.S and Canada and a high volume distributor of cell phone accessories that is experiencing extraordinary business growth.
Quick facts about the company:

  • 550+ Users
  • $1.0B+ Annual Revenue
  • 128% annual growth rate
  • $100M and 147,000 order lines per month
  • 8,000 daily sales transactions and 250,000 daily accounting transactions

The company resembles a classic distributor model, procuring individual goods from sources in bulk and then assembling, packaging and warehousing finished products for sale across the United States.

The Challenge

O.B. needed to successfully implement an ERP system that would help them process more than 10 million units per month in an industry of constantly evolving product lines and complicated time-to-market demands, while maintaining accurate customer data and up-to-the-minute inventory and shipment information supporting a world-class warranty program. They also needed the ability to address changes in government and business requirements, such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for credit card safety, and state sales tax.

The Process

Trek Global’s enterprise solutions and support allowed O.B. to meet and overcome its unique challenges. Trek’s system accurately captured more than one million accounting transactions per month across hundreds of users and business processes spanning the entire company. In addition, the platform’s flexibility allowed the company to streamline warehouse processes, including:

  • Implementing effective cycle counts
  • Transferring inventory locations during large warehouse reorganizations
  • Establishing processes for fulfilling Internet shipments

In addition to distribution improvements, the solution also enabled integration with business partners and service providers, including:

  • Shipping carriers and address validation
  • Credit card services (PCI compliance)
  • Tax services
  • Webstore
  • CRM automation and customer service activities
  • Secure data transfer and continuity

The Solution

The efficient system O.B. adopted through Trek Global allowed the company to sustain hundreds of simultaneous users in multiple countries, while keeping accounting and finance in sync with the workflow of ordering, receiving, assembling, stocking and shipping products.

The Result

In partnership with Trek Global, O.B. successfully met aggressive sales growth projections and greatly improved distributor and customer relationships, while maintaining one of the best warranty programs in the industry. They dramatically improved time-to-market efficiency through better planning, supply-chain management, and delivery mechanisms. All of this supported and
enhanced extraordinary success in a challenging market, allowing them to achieve:

  • 147,000 average order lines per month
  • More than 10 million units moved per month
  • 12 million annual GL transactions

Additional benefits included:

  • Growth potential from a stable, reliable and secure system platform
  • Future expansion of users, operations and facilities
  • Configurable and customizable solution with workflows, approval processes, business rules, reporting and user functionality that addresses unique business requirements
  • Global-ready solution supporting a complex business structure and business elements involving multiple organizations, currencies, taxes, accounting schemas, and world languages
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Scalable transactional database architecture providing performance driven, on-demand (7 x 24) real-time access, anytime and anywhere.

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