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Case Study: E-Retail and Web Store Integration

global distributor of baskets
Popular global distributor of gift baskets headquartered in the San Francisco area LCT/GW integrated Trek Cloud ERP with their e-retail and web store locations to more efficiently and effectively meet high-volume sales demand.

Customer Goals

Implementing a cloud-based, integrated ERP solution would support the company’s need to efficiently and effectively meet high-volume sales demands. Leveraging and maximizing their e-retail and web store investments and user experience, while taking advantage of the power, flexibility and security of the ERP solution, would allow them to completely automate their business processes, including Accounting, Order Management, Fulfillment, and Shipping.

Company Background

LCT/GW has a successful history in the San Francisco Bay area, offering a product mix of baskets manufactured offshore and imported to the United States. They have created multiple successful internet e-retail storefronts. The company’s business model is an e-retailer and distribution organization focused on Financials, Order Management, Inventory Control and Management, Purchasing, Warehouse Logistics, Packing, Shipping and Invoicing.

The Challenge

The company was looking for a cloud-based ERP solution that would integrate with their existing e-retail and web store-fronts and automate their manual business processes. The new solution needed to effectively and efficiently manage the heavy volume of data generated by their e-retail and web stores, resulting in increased usability and profitability.

The Process

Making online purchaseLCT/GW desired a secure, cloud-based ERP solution that could be easily integrated with their existing e-retail and web stores. The solution needed the capability to efficiently and effectively manage the high volume of 1,000+ sales orders each day. The solution needed to easily automate their manual processes including accounting, warehousing and fulfillment while connecting and simplifying business processes, procedures and workflows across the organization.

The Solution

A secure, cloud-based ERP solution delivering powerful, integrated and timely business functionality would automate current manual processes while allowing for an easy growth path for adding users, locations, e-retail and web stores. The integration of e-retail and web stores with the ERP solution resulted in significant improvements in business processes and procedures, including

  • Improved user experience
  • Faster order placement, completion and fulfillment
  • Improved payment processing and invoicing
  • Increased shipment accuracy
  • Customized packing and shipping options that provide economical delivery and transport

The Result

LCT/GW received a comprehensive and secure cloud-based ERP solution that is integrated with their e-retail and web store locations and completely supports the company’s need for meeting high-volume sales demand efficiently and effectively. The ERP solution provided the power, configurability and flexibility to completely automate prior manual business processes, including Accounting, Order Management, Fulfillment, and Shipping processes. This was accomplished while continuing to maximize the user experience and leveraging the company’s e-retail and web stores investment, positioning the company for future growth and expansion. The solution addresses their current needs while also providing additional benefits, including

  • Increasing shareholder value
  • Growth potential from a stable, reliable and secure system platform
  • Future expansion of users, operations and facilities
  • Configurable and customizable: work-flows, approval processes, business rules, reporting and user functionality addresses unique business requirements
  • Cost control by moving from on-premise I.T. Capital Expenditure to a SaaS Operational Expense model, allowing the company to pay-as-used
  • Global-ready solution supporting even the most complex business structures and elements involving multiple organizations, currencies, taxes, accounting schemas and world languages
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Scalable transactional database architecture providing performance driven, on-demand (7 x 24) and real-time access…anytime, anyplace

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