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Case Study: Complex Material Handling

Cloud ERP used on tablet in warehouse
Leading certified stocking distributor of electronic components selected Trek Global’s cloud ERP solution to provide secure, powerful and flexible financial accounting capabilities to manage their international demands, including the complexities of conducting business in eight different countries.

Customer Goals

Implementing a cloud ERP solution would effectively and efficiently address the company’s highly complex and unique business processes, resulting in reduced time and labor, increased volume and profitability, and the ability to exceed customer expectations.

Company Background

V.E. is a $50+ million distribution organization faced with many unique and complex business processes involving additional steps, from traditional distribution to procurement and warehousing of inventory for direct sales. V.E. locates and procures surplus stock items from other organizations (including manufacturers and distributors), and inventories products in-house to fulfill sales orders. The company’s success and growth can be attributed to their knowledge and analysis of the market-place, and through developing a highly complex and specialized process for locating and procuring products requested by customers.

The Challenge

V.E. desired a secure cloud ERP system with powerful and flexible financial accounting capabilities that could manage the international demands and complexities of conducting business in eight different countries. Additionally, the system needed the capability and flexibility for tracking and matching their complex processes in procurement, receiving, inspection and shipping.

The Process

Quality Control Approved clipartIn addition to the company’s highly specialized purchasing and procurement process, the supply chain faced multiple quality control challenges involving qualifying and identifying potential counterfeit products. The mandatory quality control regulation process involved the company performing an extensive authentication inspection of items upon receiving, guaranteeing authenticity of inventory products utilized to fulfill customer orders.

The demand for fulfilling customer orders made it imperative that the workflow processes occurred as quickly as possible and in most cases on the same day. V.E.’s sophisticated business requirements and processes demanded a highly customizable ERP framework that includes

  • Improved communication and data visibility within the company, streamlining the processes and interaction between inter-departmental, depart-mental, and executive management personnel 
  • Customized work flows and process for addressing applicable product inspections and tests
  • Simplified and expedited the vendor Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process, improving the ability to return products failing inspections

The Solution

V.E. implemented Trek Global’s cloud-based, global-ready ERP solution, allowing them to support their complex business structures and business elements, including multiple currencies, multiple accounting schemas, and multiple world languages. The solution automated and connected processes and procedures across the organization and throughout the entire order-to-cash cycle. Improved business procedures allowed V.E. to maximize order fulfillment rates by taking advantage of the flexible and customizable design framework, and allowing for automating intricate business processes.

The Result

Implementation of a secure, cloud ERP solution effectively and efficiently addressed the company’s highly complex and unique business processes. Integrating customizable and flexible inspection requirements across various levels of the business processes enabled the company to efficiently and accurately guarantee product authenticity, while exceeding customer quality and delivery expectations.

Significantly reducing time and labor between receiving and shipping allowed V.E. to handle increased product volumes while reducing overall cost. The system’s efficient business process flow has allowed them to win additional customers and contracts while also becoming a model for the industry. Additional benefits include:

  • Growth potential from a stable, reliable and secure system platform
  • Future expansion of users, operations and facilities
  • Cost control by moving from on-premise I.T. Capital Expenditure to a SaaS Operational Expense model, allowing the company to pay-as-used
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Scalable transactional database architecture providing performance driven, on-demand (7 x 24) and real-time access…anytime, anyplace

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