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Cloud ERP Case Study: Aminco Hits Home Run with Trek Cloud ERP

Trek Cloud ERP Case Study - Aminco International Inc.Based in Lake Forest, Calif., Aminco International Inc. is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of emblematic jewelry and accessories for major league and collegiate sports teams.

According to company’s president, Edward Wu, the decision to become a Trek Cloud customer began through a previous relationship with Joel Stangeland, CEO of Trek Global. Wu and Stangeland started working together a few years ago when Stangeland was a consultant and assisted Aminco on a previous project.

Trek Cloud ERP Case Study - Trek Cloud ERP used in warehouseIn 2013, Aminco decided to move from the on-premise ERP application to Trek Global’s cloud ERP solution. “We completed our due diligence and rigorously evaluated several cloud ERP applications,” said Wu. “We selected Trek Global’s ERP solution because they not only provided all the functionality we needed, but also proved they were committed to our success and our partnership…and that is what we were looking for…a partner vested in our success.”

For Aminco, this wasn’t just a transition to a new ERP solution. It was their first experience with cloud computing. In preparation for the move, Trek Global’s project team worked with Aminco’s team to ensure the data migration was performed accurately along with the development of custom coding. Wu said, “The entire implementation was led by Trek Global’s project team, and their knowledge of ERP and the installation process not only assured a smooth transition, it also ensured a successful implementation.”

Achieving Cost Savings and Improving Customer Experience

The growing popularity of Trek Global’s cloud ERP application along with the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings were just a couple reasons why after researching the market for a new ERP system, Aminco decided to adopt Trek Cloud ERP. Wu noted, “There is a huge moment for ERP businesses to migrate to a web-based or cloud-based type of system, and we want to get on board sooner rather than later. Trek Cloud ERP provides the flexibility for us to expand the system’s customer-centric functionality as our business continues to grow, allowing us to evolve while connecting with our customers more and easier than ever before.”

“Trek Cloud provides many additional features that allow our business to be conducted more effectively and efficiently,” Wu continued. “The system allows additional functionality such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), shipping integration, and allows customers to access our system directly so they can place orders and look up invoices. Having our company’s ERP accessible through any web browser makes this possible.”

Increasing Accessibility While Leaving IT to Focus on Business

“Aminco is utilizing Trek Cloud ERP in every step of the manufacturing and business process,” Wu noted, “from order entry, financials and purchasing to inventory control, warehouse logistics, shipping and invoicing. Employees are using the Trek system on a daily basis, and that includes our remote employees.” The Trek system is also accessible via mobile devices, which has been particularly helpful for Wu and others in the company who travel frequently.

One of the immediate benefits of moving to a cloud ERP was the burden it lifted from Aminco’s support staff. Wu explained, “We have a small IT department, and with a hosted system that is maintained off-site, time-consuming daily software and server maintenance no longer rests on the shoulders of a few of our employees. Trek Global has people working around the world, and so it’s very easy to get support and questions answered.”

To other manufacturers and distributors looking to adopt a cloud ERP system, Wu has a few words of wisdom: “From our experience, Trek Global and Trek Cloud ERP would be a great choice. We researched and did our homework on ERP vendors, and we are thrilled to be partnered with a company and solution that not only exceeds our needs today, but also gives our business an advantage as we look toward the future.”

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