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When is it Time for an ERP?

ERP growthYou found a market niche and success is at your door. Your company is experiencing rapid growth, with new products and services, added locations, an increased workforce, and a growing customer base. With success, however, come numerous pain points as you realize the technology and processes driving your company are no longer sufficient. Chief among your concerns are that

  • Your combination of accounting software and spreadsheets does not give your team the comprehensive, real-time view across the company that they need for effective decision-making.
  • Serious inventory issues are impacting order fulfillment.
  • Without an integrated software solution, your company has developed functional silos that hamper collaboration and make it difficult to scale quickly with growth.

A very real result of such operational challenges is reduced customer responsiveness. Customers expect prompt delivery, great customer service and competitive prices, which requires you to streamline operations and reduce operational overhead. How will you achieve these business goals?

You are facing a common dilemma. Aberdeen reports that 82% of businesses surveyed with under $50 million in annual revenue were adopting ERP to manage their processes.1 With ERP, these businesses are able to

  • Streamline processes through standardization and automation. For example, many companies take advantage of ERP integrations with external shipment and payment processors to speed order fulfillment. With the click of a button, their systems can call their shipper of choice, issue a tracking number for a parcel, print an address label, call a credit card processor to charge a customer’s credit card, and email a customer with shipment information.
  • Gain insight to inventory and reduce the number of expedited orders.
  • Create greater collaboration and communication among employees who are all using the same system for their processes.
  • Improve accuracy by eliminating the need for data re-entry into separate systems.
  • Gain visibility to real-time financial data for better decision-making.

If you think your company may be ready for an ERP, contact us to discuss how Trek Cloud ERP can help you.

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