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User Friendly ERP System: Our Focus on User Adoption

user friendly erp system - ERP users in warehouseYour return on investment in a business system is based in large part on user adoption. If you choose a system that’s easy to use, you’ll significantly reduce your implementation and training schedule. Employees will quickly master the new technology, productivity will increase and you’ll get that ROI you’re hoping for.

We know your success with our business software, Trek Cloud ERP, hinges on how well we can get you up and running in the system with your team successfully utilizing its full capabilities and features. That’s why we’ve placed an emphasis on the user experience with an intuitive UI and many features geared toward helping users master the system. To give you an idea of our commitment to user adoption, below are 10 important features that make Trek Cloud a user friendly ERP system.

User Friendly ERP System Features of Trek Cloud

1. Intuitive User Interface

From the login screen and onward through every system window, you’ll find we have paid attention to the user experience. Menus and toolbars will seem familiar to you as they were designed to be similar to what you would experience in many other popular productivity applications. Button icons in the toolbars are sized so that they are easy to see. There’s a common look and feel throughout the application so that you can easily navigate your way around and predict what happens from one step to the next.

2. Browse and Search

We know that some people like browsing through menus and others like to search. That’s why we give you both options. You can navigate around using a drop-down menu that expands and collapses as you need in order to show you all the system functionality. Or, use the Search field and type in the name of the form, report or process you need. As soon as you begin to type in the Search field, a list of relevant system functionality appears below the search line and you can click on the functionality you need.

3. Favorites

On your home screen there is a Favorites feature where you can add links to the system functionality you use the most. This feature is user-specific. Adding a Favorite to the list is a simple drag and drop that brings items from the Menu to the Favorites list. Once you’ve added links into your Favorites list, you can get to the functionality you use the most very quickly — with just one click after logging in.

4. Graphical Dashboards

A user friendly ERP system comes with graphical dashboards on the home screen. We know your employees have different KPIs that they are monitoring based on their roles in the organization. That’s why we’ve made it so that the dashboards in Trek Cloud ERP can be configured specific to each user. Users can then monitor their assigned KPIs in real time. From a dashboard chart, you can see summarized activity for a designated period. You can then click on the chart to drill down further and see detailed transactions.

5. Tool Tips

ERP is complex and the terminology related to ERP takes some time to learn. Some of your team may need basic definitions in order to help them get going in understanding how to use ERP. That’s why we’ve included “Tool Tips” in Trek Cloud ERP. When you are filling out a form, you can click inside nearly any field and a definition for the field is shown in the Tool Tips, which is on the right side of the screen. The definition informs the user of the purpose and use of the field. The side area where the Tool Tips appears can be easily expanded or collapsed based on your need for viewing it.

6. Helpful Hints

Another way we’ve made Trek Cloud a user friendly ERP system is to provide in-application instructions. Right below the Tool Tips are “Helpful Hints,” which provides users with step-by-step instructions for filling data into each type of form. If this is the first time you’ve filled out a Sales Order or Business Partner record, or used any other transactional document, you may appreciate viewing the on-screen Helpful Hints right next to where you’re filling in the form. Later, once you’ve mastered filling in the form, you can collapse the Helpful Hints so that it doesn’t take up space on your screen.

7. Setup Wizard

Within the Trek Cloud ERP application, there is an extensive Setup Wizard that guides and trains users on initial system setup, configuration and use. What’s really helpful about the Setup Wizard is that it provides you with background on what needs to be configured along with direct links to where you make configuration changes and upload your data. We don’t expect you to configure your ERP on your own; we provide a full ERP implementation service that we recommend. However, this resource can be helpful as a training tool and resource to prepare the implementation project team. Each step in the Setup Wizard can be assigned and tracked so that your project team can monitor progress.

8. Import Wizards

To speed up and simplify the data migration process, we provide you with import templates and wizards that walk the implementation team through the steps of uploading your data to the system. The import wizard helps reduce risk during migration as it first loads the data to a staging table where you can do accuracy checks before completing the import all the way to the system.

9. Reporting Wizard

An integrated reporting wizard in Trek Cloud ERP gives users the ability to create customized reports. Hundreds of default report templates are also provided so that users have ready-to-go reports they can create fast, on the fly. Reporting options are available from transaction windows, too – so that you can jump quickly from filling in a form to viewing and printing a report. We figure that the faster your employees are able to move through each step in their assigned processes, the better job we have done in creating a user friendly ERP system.

10. Support Available 24x7x365 by U.S. Team

Providing stellar support is a core value at Trek Global. Our team won’t leave you stranded. We know how transformational ERP is for organizations when they are able to take full advantage of its robust capabilities. Our success is based on yours, and we want very much for you to realize the tremendous benefits of ERP. In addition to providing 24x7x365 support through our U.S. Team, we offer a wide range of other services to help meet your needs. Learn about our training and support services

Looking for a User Friendly ERP System?

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