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Press Release: Trek Global Brings the First Transaction-Based, Fully-Inclusive ERP System to the Mid Market Giving Companies the Power to Scale According to Business Volume

VANCOUVER, WA, October 22, 2013 – The first transaction-based, fully-inclusive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution Trek Cloud ERP ( launched today from Trek Global to empower mid-market distributors with unprecedented scalability, pricing elasticity and accessibility. An innovative provider of ERP solutions and consulting services, Trek Global builds on more than 10 years of real-world implementation and experience to bring a new but mature affordable best-in-class ERP solution to market.

Trek Cloud ERP empowers users with more control over ERP features and functionalities, enabling companies to access and leverage the entire platform without compromising product integrity and capabilities. Through its unique transaction-based model, customers only pay according to business volume regardless of how many users are on the system and without any module fees. As a result, Trek Cloud ERP optimizes cloud-based technology to provide enterprises with operational excellence while lowering barriers to adoption.

Trek Cloud ERP fully integrates accounting, finance, purchasing, sales, inventory, warehouses and supply chain, so that companies have control and visibility over their entire business. The product is targeted to growing midsize businesses and organizations, as well as divisions of larger enterprises with key target verticals focused on Distribution and eCommerce companies.

Based in Vancouver, Washington, Trek Global’s management team is led by Chief Executive Officer Joel Stangeland and Chief Operating Officer Joel Hoffman. Stangeland and Hoffman have spent more than a decade addressing the ERP needs of mid-market distributors and have helped hundreds of companies improve their operations through a wide spectrum of solutions.

“Our launch represents a significant milestone in ERP that brings more than a decade’s worth of real-world experience with hundreds of enterprises into one fully inclusive, best-in-class system,” said Stangeland. “From day one, we set our goals on eliminating what we learned were the three major obstacles toward adoption for mid-market companies: high costs of licenses, infrastructure and implementation. We take great pride today in knowing that those hurdles are now a thing of the past through Trek Cloud ERP.”

Trek Cloud ERP is already in productive use with leading companies including Aminco International.

“We’re very service-oriented, and the advanced features in Trek Cloud ERP will allow us to use technology to really help automate and speed up our processes,” said Ed Wu, President, Aminco International. “Switching to Trek Cloud is a huge step in helping us keep up with the demands of our customers, and having it be cloud-based gives us a solid foundation for adding future features and updates without the pain and downtime of a traditional ERP system.”

Features and functionalities of Trek Cloud ERP include the following:

  • Industry-first transaction-based model that charges customers based on what they use, disrupting costly licensing fee structures
  • Fully-inclusive cloud ERP for distribution enabling companies to access and leverage the entire platform without compromising product integrity and capabilities
  • Easy-to-use reporting tools and dashboard views
  • Simplified Cloud-based infrastructure enables speedy time to value
  • Multi-company, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-inventory locations and multi-tax processing
  • Ideal solution for distribution across Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Material and Product Management, Business Intelligence, Production Management and Supply Chain Management
  • Module system and service platform for SOA integrations
  • Setup Wizards- an onboard tool for guiding effective implementations

Prior to Trek Global, CEO Stangeland was COO of Idalica, where he assembled a team of experienced ERP consultants and developers and actively participated in the advancement of open source ERP systems. This contribution grew the company from ground level to peak revenues of $2.4 million. His previous experience includes Fortune 300 project management developing a web application with a $9 million annual ROI on process improvement, as well as SAP implementation and upgrades, resulting in a measurable return on a multimillion dollar implementation in less than one year.

COO Hoffman has more than 15 years of experience with large software solutions, many of those years focused on SAP implementations and data warehousing. Since 2006 he has become heavily involved in creating business solutions for distribution companies.

About Trek Global

Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, Trek Global’s Trek Cloud ERP delivers the first transaction-based, fully inclusive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution available to mid-market distributors, providing unprecedented scalability, affordability and accessibility. As a result, Trek Cloud ERP optimizes cloud-based technology to provide enterprises with operational excellence while lowering barriers to adoption. Through its Trek ERP Services Group, the company also offers ERP customization, planning and implementation.