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Omnichannel ERP: Multi-Channel Retail Software

omnichannel erpAttention to sales and marketing in multi-channel retailing is not the only issue faced when you have both brick and mortar and online stores. Streamlining your business with an omnichannel ERP system allows you to bring together both the online and offline shopping experiences, so that your back-end processes and data are efficiently unified. With omnichannel ERP, you seamlessly connect your physical retail stores, telephone sales, online stores, mobile app stores and more into one solution that serves as your operational backbone. Doing so results in reduced operational overhead and improved customer service.

Trek Global delivers an omnichannel ERP system to multi-channel retailers. The solution includes Trek Cloud ERP along with our integrated web-based Point of Sale software. We can also provide you with custom eCommerce webstores that are integrated with the ERP, and integration services so that any other software is connected for the most efficient operations. Below, we’ve summarized a few of the key benefits you can realize by implementing Trek Global’s omnichannel ERP system.

Manage inventory across multiple locations and channels.

You’ll be able to solve your inventory woes with an omnichannel ERP system from Trek Global. Our solutions help you streamline essential tasks like identifying stock availability, controlling separate inventory at multiple locations and managing the transfer of goods between locations. Inventory availability can be reflected automatically in your POS system, online stores and mobile apps. You can also utilize detailed inventory reports to analyze and plan your inventory for multiple locations and channels.

By gaining better control of your inventory, you’ll actually be able to reduce your inventory costs. The system allows you to set thresholds for reordering so that you can keep popular items in stock while also reducing inventory overage. These changes result in improved inventory turns and decreases to your stock-to-sale ratio, which has a positive impact on your bottom line.

Reduce order fulfillment cycle times across multiple channels.

By speeding up the multi-channel fulfillment process in your warehouses and distribution center, you provide a better service to your customers. You also reduce operational overhead for those processes. Trek’s omnichannel ERP system allows you to manage complex shipping and fulfillment processes. You can create configurable workflows and approval processes. You’ll eliminate manual re-entry and its associated order processing errors, since all the data from multiple order points flows directly to the ERP for fast fulfillment. Additionally, you will be able to automate your shipping processes and documents, such as pick tickets, packing slips and shipping confirmations. The system can also interface directly with your shippers including UPS and FedEx.

Gain insight to your entire business with omnichannel ERP reporting.

User-configurable dashboards and reports allow you to analyze your data for multiple channels. With global financials capabilities, you can view rolled-up data across all your channels and then drill down to see the detail. With better information comes the ability to quickly make more informed decisions.

Improve the multi-channel customer experience.

By integrating your data between your ecommerce webstores, POS, ERP and other systems, you are able to improve the customer experience. For example, items out of stock in one store can be ordered online from another retail location or through an online store. E-commerce customers can choose a retail store as a faster pick-up location for orders they’ve placed online. Customers can set up an account online and start their shopping cart, then finish their shopping later by logging back in. Rewards apps can be utilized, giving customers points for purchasing from any location – whether online or in a retail outlet. Past order history from any channel can be suggested to a customer for easy re-ordering later on. Returns can be processed from any channel more quickly, wherever the customer has chosen to return the item. The opportunities for enhancing the customer experience are endless when you have an omnichannel ERP system in place to support you.

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