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Global Financials: Valuable for M&A and Divestitures

Global Financials for InvestorsAs your business expands through mergers and acquisitions activity or new joint ventures, you’ll need to plan for changes in your business systems in order to streamline and obtain global financials. For divestitures, as well, the right systems become assets that increase business value while also providing the much-needed visibility with global financials that roll data up across locations. In these situations, implementing a cloud ERP solution with global financials is an excellent strategy for both the short and long term. Cloud ERP helps companies to immediately lower operational overhead, while at the same time providing a valuable investment in the future of your business.

With Trek Cloud ERP, you obtain powerful global financials that address your needs across multiple organizations and locations, allowing you to continue expanding your operations without having to add plug-ins or separate modules. The solution also provides the capabilities for multiple languages, currencies and accounting schemas. Up-to-the-minute balance sheets, income statements and hundreds of other standard reports are rolled up across all your organizations. You can easily drill down to better understand the numbers that underlie a balance. Here, we will explore the power of Trek Cloud ERP and its global financials, and how an investment in the solution results in increased business value.

Business Analysis and Decisions Using Global Financials

Trek Cloud ERP on tablet in boardroomTrek Cloud ERP’s global financials provides real-time insight into the state of business with flexible financial reporting. You are able to retain all your data in one place, with no data re-entry. Data flows through the entire order-to-cash cycle, across all your departments, locations, divisions and organizations and into your financials. Dashboards can be easily configured to show the data you care about the most.

With Trek Cloud ERP’s dashboards and financial reports, you always have accurate insight to the operational status of your business. Real-time operational data provides managers and executives with the ability to catch and fix small issues before they become costlier problems. Decision time can be cut in half throughout your organization thanks to the immediacy of data and reports provided by your cloud ERP system.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Global Commerce

Trek Cloud ERP allows you to do business anywhere. The software is highly configurable and can be adjusted at any time to address your evolving business needs. With Trek Cloud’s faster and easier setup, you can more quickly add new locations and entirely new organizations or divisions around the world with different products and services. Data from your new locations then rolls up into your global financials. Additionally, as business volumes increase, Trek Cloud ERP’s transactional database easily scales up to handle the load.

The robust capabilities of Trek Cloud ERP provides you with the complexity required to handle multiple currencies, duties, tariffs and taxes across all your jurisdictions. Trek Cloud has also partnered with Avalara, the leading tax management solution that allows you to fully automate calculations and reporting of your sales and use taxes. A simple integration with Avalara allows seamless management of all taxes inside Trek Cloud ERP. Your needs for payment gateways and other integrations can be addressed with greater ease. Your company becomes easier to transact with on every level, allowing your business to grow.

Planning for Divestitures

When it comes time to plan for a divestiture, an investment in Trek Cloud ERP can not only improve your success but also increase your profits. Investing in a cloud ERP system demonstrates your belief in the long-term value of the business. Additionally, a cloud ERP system will immediately resolve the need for improved automation, further streamlining the business for reduced overhead and improved profit margins. In fact, companies implementing cloud ERP see a 25% reduction in operational and administrative overhead and a 21% improvement in profits within two years. With global financials in Trek Cloud ERP, you can also quickly address any questions about the business. Operations complexity is well-managed by the ERP, allowing for an easier turn-key sale from which you can successfully transition away from – an experience both you and the buyer will appreciate.

The Value of the Cloud

You can substantially reduce your IT spend by choosing cloud ERP over on-premise ERP. The IT infrastructure of cloud ERP allows you to eliminate the costs and efforts associated with purchasing and installing on-premise software, hardware and hardware management. This also reduces your implementation timeline, which in turn lowers the associated consulting costs. Trek Cloud ERP is accessible from devices you already own. You can log in securely from any device with a web browser.

Trek Cloud ERP was architected by Trek Global. As early cloud adopters, our team developed the software natively in the cloud. It’s deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform, designed specifically for enterprise applications and utilized by Fortune 500 companies.

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