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E-Commerce Order Management System Drives Success

online shopping - erp ecommerce order management systemAn order management system that is connected to your e-commerce webstore will help to drive profitable success for your business. This is especially applicable to businesses experiencing volume increases since the overhead in managing order entry and processing otherwise spirals out of control. With an order management system, you will be able to automate everything from product information and inventory availability to order fulfillment, all the while providing improved customer service. The best choice in an order management system is one that is part of an integrated cloud ERP solution, like available with Trek Cloud ERP. Companies have successfully increased profits by 21% and reduced their operational and administrative overhead by an average of 25% with such cloud ERP. Let’s examine more closely how the automation achieved with cloud ERP order management systems results in lower overhead and improved profits.

Product Information in an Order Management System

By inputting your detailed product information in a cloud ERP order management system, your data that is entered there is used throughout your entire order to fulfillment process. You can manage and publish accurate and current product information to all your channels. Cloud ERP solutions like Trek Cloud ERP allow you to get really detailed with your product information, with all the fields you need for your product SKUs, descriptions, attributes, and much more.

Inventory Availability in an Order Management System

Your webstore can display the real-time availability of your products based on inventory data in your cloud ERP system. With the ability to better manage your inventory, you can actually reduce your inventory costs. You can utilize historical data and trends to forecast demand. Then, you’ll be able to set thresholds for reordering so that popular items stay in stock, and so that you don’t experience as much inventory overage with slow-moving items. You’ll see greater customer satisfaction thanks to improvements in your e-commerce webstore inventory accuracy.

Order Entry and Returns

Orders from your e-commerce webstore can flow directly into your ERP order management system for immediate fulfillment. Trek Cloud ERP has flexible web APIs that allow it to seamlessly integrate with nearly any solution, and its scalability means you can run high volume orders through it without a hitch. See our case study on e-retail and web store integration.

Returns can be challenging as you are sending product backwards through your logistics cycle. Trek Cloud ERP simplifies and streamlines the returns process for efficiency and improved customer service. With great ease, you can quickly link a return to the original sale and apply a credit. Learn more about returns and reverse logistics in our article, Reverse Logistics: Solving Your Returns Problems.

Faster Order Fulfillment with an Order Management System

By automating the order entry process in an order management system, you are able to send those orders directly to fulfillment for immediate processing. Order management systems processes are triggered automatically based on configurations in your system. Shipments can be generated automatically with sales orders, or you can trigger the shipment process based on inventory availability or a scheduled Wave Plan. Shipping documents like pick tickets and shipping labels auto-populate with data from the order. You can also consolidate shipments and send automated shipping confirmations.

Automated invoices can then be generated how you choose: immediately after each shipment, when the order is completely shipped or according to another schedule. Trek Cloud ERP also integrates with your payment processors including credit cards and PayPal.

Learn More about Trek Cloud ERP Order Management

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