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Choosing Open Source ERP for Large Organizations

Concept showing Open Source ERP for Large Organizations - benefitsOpen source ERP is gaining the attention of large organizations that require custom software and lower technology costs to effectively operate divisions with unique challenges. Whether due to acquisitions, growth opportunities, ease of a new division’s startup, integration requirements or other reasons, being able to affordably tailor and integrate the software makes open source ERP for large organizations an ideal solution.

For more than 20 years, our team has helped companies address their technology needs including developing and integrating custom open source ERP for large organizations. One example of this is an ERP solution we developed for automotive products distributor Pro®, a division of BAF Industries. Pro® was able to increase efficiency and better manage business growth by moving from a legacy system to open source ERP software provided by Trek Global.

Case Study:
Open Source ERP for Large Organizations

With more than 300 professional distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Middle East, Europe and the Pacific Rim, BAF Industries has become one of the largest manufacturers of automotive appearance products in the industry. For more than 70 years, BAF Industries has been manufacturing and distributing PRO® products to automotive dealerships, detail shops, car washes, auto auctions and body shops. PRO® engineers and manufactures waxes, polishes, compounds, paints, cleaners, buffing pads and paste waxes in their own facilities.

Pro® engaged with Trek Global in order to migrate from their aging legacy system, a system that did not fully address their business challenges including a need for unique measurements, processes and workflows to facilitate accurate purchasing, costing, pricing and shipping requirements. Traceability was a concern due to the intricate chemical formulations in their manufacturing processes. Shipping chemical products domestically and internationally meant the production of detailed shipping documentation that they could not manage well under their old system. Other needs in their checklist included document management and better communication with their Headquarters.

Utilizing the open source ERP platform ADempiere, PRO® achieved the custom ERP solution they needed with development expertise and implementation services from Trek Global. Complex inventory, document management and a customizable reporting engine allowed PRO® to create proper Bill of Lading documents in compliance with Federal and international regulations, so that they could efficiently complete appropriate documentation for customs and shipping. Other unique workflows and views provided the insight to critical business data that they required to become more effective in their industry.

Cloud Hosting Open Source ERP for Large Organizations

Pro® lowered their infrastructure costs, reduced their implementation timeline and leveraged other cloud benefits by hosting their instance of ADempiere in the cloud with Trek Global. Cloud-hosted open source ERP meant that Pro® could achieve

  • Reduced internal IT resources to manage their business system
  • Significantly reduced capital investment in hardware
  • Stable, reliable and secure system platform managed for them in the cloud
  • Future ease of expansion including the ability to quickly scale up with more users, locations and organizations

With ADempiere open source ERP, Pro® obtained a global-ready solution that has been customized to support their unique needs.

About ADempiere and iDempiere: Open Source ERP for Large Organizations

The ADempiere open source ERP solution has its roots in Compiere, an earlier open source ERP that was architected by Oracle developer Jorg Janke in 2000. Compiere was developed as an open source ERP for large organizations, with the first customer in mind being Goodyear. Following the ADempiere project fork in 2005, the solution has gone on to be forked again, with the latest solution being iDempiere. Both ADempiere and iDempiere provide highly adaptable architecture that is able to evolve with large organizations in today’s global market.

Members of the Trek Global team served as founders, architects and developers for the ADempiere project fork. In 2012, we were instrumental in iDempiere’s creation, serving as project sponsors, providing code enhancements and other significant development expertise. Advancements made in iDempiere include incorporating new architecture to use technologies like OSGi, Buckminster and ZK, making the system more extensible, supporting the PostgreSQL database and expanding the open source libraries.

In 2015, iDempiere was recognized with a Bossie Award for the best open source ERP for large organizations. The software is widely utilized by organizations in all major industries across the globe. It is a popular open source ERP for large organizations across Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico and Africa, and it is quickly gaining attention in the United States and Canada for the competitive advantage it can bring. We have found that open source ERP can be especially advantageous to large organizations planning two-tier ERP strategies, as well as to address customization, growth requirements, integrations with other solutions, and necessity to achieve lower total cost of ownership.

Need a Custom Open Source ERP Solution?

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