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Best of Breed Software vs Integrated ERP: 3 Top Questions

best of breed vs integrated erpMany organizations today are discovering that the processes involved in their differentiation strategy cannot be fully supported using a traditional single-vendor ERP solution. Traditional Tier 1 ERP systems like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics were designed using a one-size-fits-all approach and targeted to large organizations. These Tier 1 ERP systems provide standardized and basic functionality at a premium price. Barriers that businesses are encountering with the integrated ERP model include both the costs for Tier 1 solutions and limited functionality that doesn’t support unique processes or lacks deeper, industry-specific capabilities. This is why many organizations are choosing a multi-vendor approach and implementing best of breed software. When coupled with a more affordable ERP solution, a best of breed software approach makes sense.

Clearly, organizations can attain the functionality they require to optimize their business while also reducing their costs. If a best of breed software approach is the path your organization has chosen, we offer the following 3 questions for you to consider.

Best of Breed Software: 3 Questions to Consider

1. What functionality will help your business achieve competitive advantage?

Differentiation goes beyond products and services to include your customers’ experience and the entire consumption chain. You may have (or wish to have) certain policies and business processes in place to make your organization more unique and to provide you with an edge over your competition. Every step in the process of delivering a product or service to your customer can be used as an opportunity for differentiation.

It begins with your marketing and sales efforts and continues through to how your business acquires, warehouses, delivers and installs its products, how payments are accepted, how repairs are handled and warranties honored. Often, the more highly differentiated business processes cannot be easily or entirely supported by larger traditional ERP solutions, and so best of breed software or a custom ERP solution (such as open source ERP) may be what you need to become more effective.

2. Do you intend to integrate your best of breed software and other applications, and if so, how?

For the sake of efficiency, you are better served by having your applications integrated together. In doing so, you’ll avoid the time, effort, cost and human errors of data re-entry. You’ll also have a more accurate financial view of your entire organization. Middleware is of course an option when you have applications that don’t directly integrate. Data can then be synchronized between the applications. You can bypass the complexity of using a middleware framework by utilizing a solution like Trek Cloud ERP, which has flexible web APIs that allow it to directly connect with just about any application. Data fields from your other applications can then be mapped to fields within Trek Cloud. In this model, Trek Cloud ERP serves as your application hub, connecting all your systems together so that you can achieve operational efficiency, eliminate data re-entry and have real-time insight to financial data across your entire organization.

3. How fast and easy is the best of breed software to implement?

You should be able to expect a shorter timeline to implement best of breed software. Solutions offered in the cloud reduce your costs and timeline further by eliminating the need for software installation. Also examine whether there is documentation or other help tools in the best of breed software to make it easier for users to adopt and transition to the application. With faster implementation and ease of adoption, you can achieve a quicker return on your investment by choosing a best of breed software approach.

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