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6 Reasons You Should Migrate to SaaS ERP in 2016

2016 is the right time for SaaS ERP If you’re still working from a legacy system, various disparate spreadsheets on-premise ERP software, 2016 is the right time to make the move to a cloud-hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP solution. Data from independent researchers proves that companies just like yours are utilizing SaaS ERP to improve their operational efficiency and create more satisfied customers, while also lowering their operating costs. And as SaaS ERP solution providers and integrators helping organizations all around the globe, we couldn’t agree more. We’re seeing companies achieve incredible growth with these solutions.

Here are the top 6 reasons we believe organizations should move to SaaS ERP in 2016:

1. 21% improvement in profit margins

This number comes from the Aberdeen Group, and is based on seven years of studying organizations in the distribution and wholesale industries.1 But we’ve seen this trend hold true across many different industries. SaaS ERP solutions allow you to reduce operational overhead and eliminate waste, while freeing up your team from manual tasks so that they can respond better to opportunities and growth. With faster, improved customer service, you’ll have more repeat customers and better reviews that also equates to more business for you.

2. SaaS ERP provides mobility for faster & better service

Most of your employees already use an array of digital devices in their personal time and are comfortable with the technology. Imagine how much more productive your business could be if your employees could manage certain tasks from digital devices in the shop and warehouse. With such mobility, you could easily and securely log in to your cloud-based SaaS ERP from any laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device with internet access, at any time of the day or night. You’re also able to get your sales orders into your ERP system while at a client’s location, tradeshow or on the road. In other words, your staff won’t have to wait to follow on the next steps. They get the work done now, which means the rest of the team can then follow through on their steps right now. Fulfillment begins right away. And that makes your customers happy.

3. SaaS ERP easily integrates for improved efficiency

Now, this one depends on the SaaS ERP product you select. If you choose Trek Cloud ERP, which is offered as a Software as a Service, you’ll have a well-built solution with APIs that make integration easy and affordable. You’ll be able to connect your ERP to all your other business solutions for the most streamlined operations. As an example, data from your webstores, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Point of Sale (POS) systems can easily flow directly to your ERP. No manual re-entry of data means you eliminate data entry errors and reduce staff time spent on tedious manual tasks.

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4. SaaS ERP deployment is much easier

With no hardware or software to manually install, you will significantly reduce your deployment time when you choose a cloud solution over an on-premise ERP. You’ll entirely skip over the installation step in the ERP implementation timeline, moving your implementation team quickly from software selection and then on to configuration, customization, training and go-live in rapid succession.

5. Your software will stay current

With a SaaS ERP solution, you can leave your maintenance and updates to your provider. For example, with Trek Cloud ERP, our customers receive regular application maintenance, upgrade releases, database maintenance, security monitoring, preventative security upgrades and patches, and continuous cloud infrastructure improvements to stay current with the latest IT standards and best practices.

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6. Fewer headaches for your IT staff

Since your SaaS ERP software is managed for you in the cloud, many of the legacy software and on-premise system headaches that plague the IT department are just gone. You can stop limping along with outdated software and dealing with intermittent system downtime. In fact, it’s been found that companies using cloud-hosted SaaS ERP software have two times less data loss and security-related downtime as organizations on on-premise ERP.2 Additionally, affordable support packages offered by SaaS ERP providers like Trek Global ensure that your team has access to experts 24/7, ready to respond to your team’s questions and address your needs as any issues arise.

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