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10 Ways to Give Back Time into Your Employees’ Day

Employees too busy - juggling multiple tasksYour employees have more than enough to do running your business. If they feel they’re spreading themselves too thin and in need of help, it’s time to consider the efficiency of your business systems and processes. You can let them focus on what they do best by automating and streamlining all those manual tasks from order to fulfillment. Here are 10 ways Trek Cloud ERP can give your employees more time back into their day, so that they can focus on the core of your business and create more satisfied customers.

1. Eliminate manual data re-entry.

You get an integrated set of solutions to manage all of your business processes with Trek Cloud ERP. Organizations that utilize Trek Cloud are able to eliminate manual data re-entry into disparate software and spreadsheets. This has helped reduce operational and administrative costs by an average of 25%.

2. Reduce decision-making time.

With dashboards to help you track operational status, your department managers are able to stay on top of functions they are responsible for. They can catch and fix issues before they become costlier problems. They can also drill down into any view to see the detail, so that decisions are supported by real data in your system. In this way, they can make better, faster decisions that are related to your data.

3. Streamline employee communications.

Help your team stay on top of what’s next, by replacing their sticky notes and manual emails with automation. You can use workflow in Trek Cloud ERP to streamline all the steps in your processes. Automated notifications, reports and reminders generated by Trek Cloud ERP will result in better communication and collaboration among your team. Communications will no longer go missing. Every step can be automated to ensure accuracy and reliability. And ultimately, a streamlined approach will mean happier customers!

4. Give real-time visibility into your inventory.

When you give your employees real-time insight to the status of inventory, they can immediately respond to customer inquiries with data that tracks across multiple locations. The solution helps you eliminate inventory inaccuracy and avoid outages and other inventory issues.

5. Make product traceability easier and faster.

Do you have to track lot and batch numbers, ingredients, quality control test results, and expiration dates? How disrupted is your business if there is a product recall? By using Trek Cloud ERP, you capture accurate product data along every step from creation to disposal, for complete traceability of all the details of your business. Eliminate the hassle and time of manually tracking any of this data.

6. Quickly comply with industry regulations.

If you are manually reporting out data to regulatory organizations, consider how simple it would be to run a compliance report out of Trek Cloud ERP. The data is already captured in your system throughout all your processes. When you’re ready, just run the report and output it into the format you need. We also provide integration services so that with the web API we can flow data directly into the regulatory compliance system.

7. Reduce order fulfillment efforts.

Once the necessary inventory is in stock, Trek Cloud ERP prompts users to the next step. You then decide which method is best for the situation in fulfilling orders. For example, you may fulfill based on pick tickets or wave planning, in which you are pulling stock and shipping the products to fulfill sales orders. Another method may have you pulling parts for work orders based on a Bill of Materials (BOM) that your engineering staff created, and then manufacturing or assembling to satisfy the requirements of the work order. The workflows, communication and visibility of these steps are vastly improved for your users in the ERP system.

8. Simplify Reverse Logistics.

Managing the Returns process and achieving accurate traceability in returns can be a headache for the staff involved, especially if any of these processes involve manual tracking efforts. You can automate the workflow with Trek Cloud ERP. Learn more about our Reverse Logistics

9. Stop searching aimlessly for products in your warehouse.

You can significantly reduce the time your staff spends manually searching for goods in the warehouse. By custom-defining the locators during your Trek Cloud ERP inventory management configuration, you can provide easy insight to the location of goods. Dimensions you might choose to use set up include aisles, bins, racks, levels, and bays, and you can set up multiple warehouses and other locations.

10. Stop chasing deliveries for critical parts.

The problem is a familiar one: Your team realizes the part they needed yesterday isn’t here. It’s a stressful experience that impacts multiple peoples’ day and has a financial cost too, as you expedite a forgotten order. By implementing Trek Cloud ERP, you can significantly reduce the need for expediting, as your workflow will keep your team on track with current statuses logged in the system and included in reports that they generate. Status reports will help purchasing follow up with vendors, and give others early insight to any issues or potential delays.

This is just a sampling of the improvements organizations see once they implement Trek Cloud ERP. We would be glad to provide you with a demo and additional details on benefits and return on investment. Contact us today to learn more!