Cloud ERP for Mid-Market Distributors

A comprehensive product with a transaction-based pricing plan. Learn More

Cloud ERP for Mid-Market Distributors

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Cloud ERP for Mid-Market Distributors

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An Affordable, Scalable Solution

To help mid-market distribution companies expand and grow their operations, we deliver a comprehensive Cloud ERP solution with a transaction-based pricing plan.

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CIO Magazine Interviews CEO Joel Stangeland

Challenges facing SMBs, benefits of Cloud ERP, and our transaction-based pricing plan are discussed in CIO Magazine’s interview with our CEO Joel Stangeland.

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Trek Talk: A Cloud ERP Podcast Series

We’ve put together a podcast series that offers tips and features industry examples showcasing distribution companies' success with cloud ERP.

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Switching to Trek Cloud ERP is a huge step in helping us keep up with the demands of our customers, and having it be cloud-based gives us a solid foundation for adding future features and updates without the pain and downtime of a traditional ERP system.

Ed Wu

President, Aminco International

Trek Global Guarantee

We believe that success is the measure of service. Our team won’t leave you stranded. And with Trek Cloud ERP’s pricing plan, you don’t pay transaction fees until you begin to successfully complete orders, invoices, shipments and payments. Guaranteed.

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