Cloud ERP for Mid-Market Distributors

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Cloud ERP for Mid-Market Distributors

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Cloud ERP for Mid-Market Distributors

Gain visibility to your real-time operational data. Contact Us

Remove Barriers to Business Growth

Trek Cloud gives you faster user adoption,
faster implementation, on-board partner
integration and EDI.

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Outgrown QuickBooks?

Trek Cloud offers affordability and
simplified onboarding in a complete
ERP system.

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Start Your Company Up with ERP for Distribution

Increase revenue and reduce costs from
the ground up with software designed
for your business model.

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Ready to Upgrade to a Modern Cloud ERP?

Trek Cloud can help you update your
distribution business software and
make your IT spend count.

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Switching to Trek Cloud ERP is a huge step in helping us keep up with the demands of our customers, and having it be cloud-based gives us a solid foundation for adding future features and updates without the pain and downtime of a traditional ERP system.

Ed Wu

President, Aminco International

Trek Global Guarantee

We believe that success is the measure of service. Our team won’t leave you stranded. And with Trek Cloud ERP’s pricing plan, you don’t pay transaction fees until you begin to successfully complete orders, invoices, shipments and payments. Guaranteed.

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